The Korean Animal Welfare Association is the largest nonprofit organization for animals in Korea. According to our slogan 'All creatures in pain and suffering have the rights to relief and to be free from it.' We work to reduce the use of animals and to restrict the kinds of animals used by human beings. We advocate the renovation of animal protection laws, encourage the rescue and adoption of abused animals, and conduct research and investigation of animal welfare.


We strive to improve animal protection policies and the level of welfare in Korea by advocating law reform and policy development, for instance, the prohibition on testing cosmetics on animals, passed in 2015; legislation on the management of zoos and aquaria, passed in 2016; the reform of the animal protection law in 2017; and, presently, lobbying for the prohibition on dolphin importation. In addition, we provide counsel to the Korean parliament, the government, the press and other committees.


We organize public campaigns for the rights and interests of companion animals, abuse prevention, and law and policy improvements.

Dog meat prohibition

We try to reduce the number of dog farms by continuous monitoring of conditions and the treatment of the dogs. At the same time, we campaign to end the consumption of dog meat by reporting the unethical situation of dog farms and the dangers of dog meat consumption by means of field studies.

Adoption promotion

We develop animal adoption culture that views the animal as a family member, not a product so that we can reduce the number of abandoned animals and the systematic use of euthanasia.

Puppy mill abolition

We fight for the abolition of the puppy mill, where mother dogs and puppies are mistreated, malnourished, and even have surgery without professional veterinary involvement.


- to help local society to understand street cats and their ecosystem and to conduct TNR
- to guarantee safe habitats for street cats by cooperating with local communities to protect them
- to develop programs for abuse prevention and to conduct research to promote protection policies



For the first time in Asia, we released the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins to their own habitat around Jeju island, Korea. Up until 2017, 7 dolphins have been returned to the wild. We also campaign for banning dolphin imports, especially from Taiji, Japan, where dolphins are captured and slaughtered.

Animal exhibition and show prohibition

We campaign against animal exhibition and shows, where animals are trained by food control and violence.


We oppose the factory farming, which destroys not only the health and welfare of animals, but also the health of human beings and the whole ecosystem.

Battery cage prohibition

We oppose the use of battery cages, the most typical type of laying hen farming system, not only in Korea but internationally. We inform the public about the issues and advise companies to change the battery system.

Sow stall prohibition

We campaign to ban the use of sow stalls, where female pigs cannot even turn around while nursing piglets.

Animal welfare labelling

We are doing our best to apply animal welfare to stock farming, for instance by advocating the use of a labelling system that indicates the environment in which the animals are raised, thereby helping people to choose healthy food.

Animal Protection Education

Our education section conducts various programs to help people to appreciate the value of animals.

- programs for animal protection/humanism through audiovisual materials
- programs to encourage respect for animal life at the Kizania Animal Welfare Center
- programs for building a proper culture of companion animals
- consulting for the production of textbooks and education concerning animal issues


We rescue animals in crisis, the victims of mistreatment or injury.

Companion Animal Welfare Center

Rescued animals are taken care of at the Companion Animal Welfare Center of the Korean Animal Welfare Association. This is an animal shelter to protect animals that have been abused and injured, providing expert care for the animals in this modern shelter facility. All the expenses for the shelter are covered by public fund-raising.

Support for individual activists and local animal groups

We provide financial support and publicity for grassroots organizations. Furthermore, we subsidize medical expenses for animals rescued by individuals, thereby encouraging them to participate in the animal welfare movement.

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